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Who Is Adventortoise?

Three years ago, Gregor and Sarah met while volunteering at a surf camp in the tropical jungle of Costa Rica. Our shared passion for slow travel ignited the journey of a lifetime, and we've been traveling ever since.

We tend to stay in destinations for a looong time. That's why in the blog you'll find relevant information and tips for the places we've been so far. Use us as a resource and get inspired for your next unconventional adventure!

About Us _ Sarah and Gregor and Verne the Tortoise in Turkey watching the Baloons in Cappadocia

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Whether it be surfing in Türkiye or discovering the tastiest bites in the Azores, this is where you'll find the good stuff. At the moment we are based in the Azores - that's why you will find the most info here right now!

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Maps and Virtual Games

Discover our handy map featuring 280+ unique spots on São Miguel for bifanas, vegetarien friendly restaurants, the best BBQ spots, and essential info like parking spots and road conditions. Elevate your trip with smooth navigation and deeper island insights.

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