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The Azores

The Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, is a volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic. The islands each have their own allure and altogether they offer the nature escape of a lifetime.


EURO. Find the current exchange rate here. We recommend carrying cash with you as not every place will accept cards. There are ATMs all around the island that accept visa or Mastercard.


Portuguese is the language spoken in the Azores. It may be hard to understand if you know European Portuguese, as there is an accent here. Some people speak English, but it's helpful to learn at least some basic words and phrases before you come.

Religion & Culture

Like mainland Portugal, the Azores is predominantly Catholic. Religion plays a large role in many Azoreans' lives. This can be seen in the many festivals and celebrations that happen year-round at the countless churches on the islands.

Electric Plugs

220-240V, 50Hz. If you have an older laptop charger, it may not convert the input power to the required one, causing your cable to get damaged or even explode (speaking from experience). Make sure you invest some money and get yourself an AAC/DC Converter.

Getting Around

On the islands you can rent a car, use a taxi (order it via the app and get your favorite driver's card - you can schedule with them privately afterwards) or the bus system - read our article on Driving in the Azores.


Discover what makes these destinations so wonderful through local flavors, beautiful swimming spots, unique accommodations and more here.

Planning & Travel Tips

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Maps and Virtual Games

Discover our handy map featuring 280+ unique spots on São Miguel for bifanas, vegetarien friendly restaurants, the best BBQ spots, and essential info like parking spots and road conditions. Elevate your trip with smooth navigation and deeper island insights.

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