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Morocco is a country rich with history, culture, and captivating landscapes. With its colorful medinas, Sahara sands, and world-class waves, we think it's a great destination for adventurers and culture-seekers alike.


Moroccan Dirham. Find the current exchange rate here. We recommend carrying cash with you as not every place will accept cards. There are ATMs all around that accept visa or MasterCard. Make sure to tell your atm card provider you are traveling!


Arabic and Berber are the official languages spoken in Morocco. French is also widely spoken. Some people speak English, but it's helpful to learn at least some basic words and phrases before you come.

Religion & Culture

Most Moroccans follow Islam, and a large majority are Sunni Muslims. Morocco is traditional but tolerant of tourists with different cultures. The clothing you bring should be modest, especially if you want to go inside a mosque (which you should definitely do).

Electric Plugs

220V, 50Hz. Type C and E. If you have an older laptop charger, it may not convert the input power to the required one, causing your cable to get damaged (speaking from experience). Make sure you invest some money and get yourself an AAC/DC Converter.

Getting Around

In Morocco you can easily get around using a taxi (order it via app to get a fair price), the bus system, or trains. In the north of Morocco (Rabat and Casablanca) there are trains or "Grand Taxis" that will take you from one city to the other.

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Planning & Travel Tips

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