This is Adventortoise

Hi! We’re Sarah & Gregor, two travelers from across the world that met while touring through Costa Rica. From our shared passion of traveling slowly, Adventortoise was born. This year we set the goal to organize our past travels in one place, share what we’ve learned, and set up a place where we can document our many travels to come! Verne is the cute tortoise mascot for the blog to remind us to take it slow, and will appear in our photos periodically :) Thanks for following our journey 🐢

Sarah - From U.S.A with a passion for painting and design. Cat mom, plant enthusiast and gardener.
Gregor - From Austria with a huge appetite for döner and tacos. Cat dad, bird lover and web developer.
Verne - From Tortoislandia with a hunger for grass and adventures. Joins us on the trips as our Cat can't.

But why “Adventortoise”?

The name Adventortoise was born when we thought about our style of travel. When we go on adventures, (check out our travel stories) we admittedly like to take it a bit more slow. To us, this means we don’t need to see every top thing in a city, especially if we’re only there for a few days. We prefer to spend our time immersing ourselves in the daily life of that place, as we would live there. For a while we traveled non-stop, and this was simply the only way to keep up the pace and not get too exhausted!

When we take it slower and immerse ourselves only in the things we’re really interested in, we find it to be really rewarding. -> In other words, we’re just some adventurous tortoises.

We were also listening a lot to the song “Turtle” by Wax.