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Portugal is a country full of picturesque coastline, white sandy beaches, delicious food (I'm talking about you pastel de nata), welcoming people, and beautifully tiled buildings.


EURO Find the current exchange rate here. In the big cities you should be fine using a card, but we always recommend carrying cash. There are ATMs all around that accept most Visa or MasterCards.


Portuguese is the language spoken mainland Portugal. Depending on if you are in a city vs. countryside, you will encounter different accents. Most people speak English, but it's helpful to learn at least some basic words and phrases before you come.

Religion & Culture

Today, Portugal is primarily Catholic. The influence of previous Moorish rule left an architectural imprint on numerous castles and architectural techniques across the country, creating the beautiful blend of buildings that we see today.

Electric Plugs

220-240V, 50Hz. If you have an older laptop charger, it may not convert the input power to the required one, causing your cable to get damaged (speaking from experience). Make sure you invest some money and get yourself an AAC/DC Converter.

Getting Around

In mainland Portugal you can get around using public transportation such as trains and bus systems. We used Flixbus to get from Lisbon to Porto, and it was very easy to navigate. Taxis and Uber are also available and easy to find in the cities.

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Planning & Travel Tips

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Maps and Virtual Games

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